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Do I need an account to use rumr?
You can browse apartment listings without an account. However, you need to sign up (for free) in order to post a room or send a message. With an account you can also save favorites for later and get personalized apartment suggestions.
Why log in with Facebook?
When you connect with your Facebook account we can simplify your search. We want to help you find great roommates and one way we do that is by introducing you to friends of friends who have available spaces or are looking for a room to rent.
I don’t have a picture. Can I list a room?
No. Please take at least one photo of the room you want to post. Nobody wants to read listings of rooms without photos.
required picture
required picture
I am looking for a room. Can I make a post?
Currently we only allow users with rooms to post listings. Users who are looking for rooms should browse the available listings to find suitable roommates.
Is rumr available in my area?
Currently we are in beta testing and only serve NYC.
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